What is Rubber Flooring?

  • TRANR Rubber Flooring is an excellent, durable, low-cost option for any demanding area that provides protection for what’s above it and below. Made of recycled rubber, it provides enough support to make it a much more versatile option than you may think. Of course, it’s the professional choice in workout areas or weight rooms, but is also great for maintenance areas, break rooms, even playrooms or waiting areas. The interlocking tiles are easy to install & the splash of color makes it look great!  

What is Rubber Flooring made of?

  • TRANR Rubber Flooring is made almost exclusively of crumb rubber that comes from recycled tires and industrial rubber. It’s bonded together with a urethane binding agent. No Latex is used in this product. It’s a great second life for used tires and explains why it’s so durable.

What Maintenance is required?

  • TRANR is an excellent, low maintenance flooring option that you can simply sweep when needed and wash with simple soap and water. No special cleaning solutions needed.

Can I use it over carpet? What thickness? Will it stain my carpet? 

  • YES! TRANR is safe to use over low or medium pile carpet.
  • For a treadmill mat or under equipment, we recommend at least the 6.4mm thickness if using over carpet & the best results for flooring occur if over very low pile carpet or removing the carpet if possible.
  • We have not encountered any issues with our treadmill mat staining carpet

How do I cut it? 

  • TRANR can easily be trimmed to fit your specific space. You’ll only need a sharp utility knife and a straight edge. Depending on thickness, you may need to make 2-3 passes with the blade to cut completely through. Take your time and you’ll get great results. 

Does it smell or have a strong odor?

  • TRANR is made of recycled rubber with a urethane binding agent & can have an odor in the beginning, but it quickly goes away. If you can let the product “air out” for a day or so that can help out. Or, you can also mop the floor with a mild soap & water solution and allow it to completely air dry. This can be repeated if needed, but any odor is short lived. Remember TRANR will protect your equipment & floor long after the odor dissipates. NO Latex is used in this product.  

When is adhesive used?

  • For the best results, adhesive is recommended for under 8mm or for any thickness if a more permanent flooring is desired. Our double-sided adhesive tape can be used for any thickness to ensure tight seams and edges. 

Can I use this in the garage?

  • Yes, TRANR can be used in a garage, workshop or maintenance area. It’s important to note that extended exposure to oil can break down the binding agent used and accelerate the deterioration. Any spills should be cleaned up as quickly as possible.  

What is the best thickness for my application?

  • For our TRANR Mats, we recommend the 6.4mm for heavier equipment like treadmills, ellipticals, rowers, etc. The heavier mat helps hold equipment in place & absorb vibration & sound.
  • For flooring applications, 8mm is used in home gyms with light equipment or “universal” style weights. 9.5 mm thickness is used in commercial or home gyms that also have heavier dumbbells, olympic style weights, bench, or squat racks. 
  • Flooring applications for maintenance, breakrooms, kitchens, and storage rooms typically use 8mm.

Can I use it by my pool? 

  • TRANR flooring or mats will work in a pool setting, however, depending on concentration, extended exposure to chlorine can dull the color or finish. It will remain durable.

Prop 65?

  • Our product complies with the regulations of Prop 65. The materials within the product are not hazardous. The rolls and tiles are made from recycled rubber with a urethane based binding agent.