04 Jan, 2018

TRANR® formerly ProIMPACT Featured in the Top 5 Best Treadmill Mats by the Home Fitness Journey

In this article, you’ll discover the best treadmill mats for carpet, concrete and hardwood floors. READ IT HERE:

20 Mar, 2015

Prolong the life of your treadmill

Daily workouts along with your running shoes can create a buildup of debris on your treadmill belt, which in turn can make its way into your motor. Placing a TRANR - Active Noise Reduction equipment mat under your exercise equipment, especially treadmills can help eliminate dust particles and fib

18 Nov, 2014

Cleaning Following Installation of TRANR

TRANR rubber does not include a protective finish when shipped from the manufacturing facility. It is highly recommended that the newly installed rubber floor be protected using a tarpaulin or other cover until the floor can be cleaned and/or sealed.

18 Nov, 2014

TRANR® Treadmill Mats

TRANR® treadmill mats are the fast solution for active noise reduction and instant floor protection!