The search is over! TRANR - Active Noise Reduction Equipment Mats are the perfect addition to your work out room. Actively cuts down on noise, stabilizes your equipment, preserves and protects your flooring surfaces from daily use of exercise equipment. TRANR has anti-slip and impact resistant properties that provide the right surface for your workout.

TRANR high performance rubber flooring is the same material used in health clubs and professional sports teams. TRANR mats are the fast solution for instant floor protection! Extremely durable and easy to install, our mats will not tear, gouge or compress like foam or sponge vinyl matting. This long lasting flooring grade rubber will protect hardwood, ceramic tile and many other hard surfaces. TRANR rubber mats are ideal for use under treadmills, weight benches, ellipticals, exercise bikes, home gym equipment and other uses. There are many benefits for using a treadmill mat, such as added protection between a carpeted surface and your treadmill. Utilizing a rubber mat under your equipment helps protect the life of the motor by shielding the belt from carpet fibers and debris. There is not another treadmill mat on the market that gives ultimate protection for both your equipment and flooring. 

TRANR interlocking tiles are easy to install and offer a great flooring option for many athletic and home applications. Use TRANR rubber tiles in health and fitness areas, weight rooms, locker rooms, home gyms, garage floors, work-shops, garden sheds, indoor play areas and laundry rooms. The opportunities are endless with TRANR tiles, place anywhere you are looking for slip resistance, added shock and sound absorption. TRANR - Active Noise Reduction tiles provide maximum protection, are durable and a great low maintenance flooring option, just sweep and mop!

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Great Top for Workbench

I purchased this for my workbenches. This is a great for what I am using it for. When I use my oscillating sander, I don't have to chase the piece being sanded all over the work bench. The piece stays still and the rubber absorbs some of the sound from the tool's vibration. The material is very dense, I can hammer, paint, stain, drill, and assemble on these pads. I have tried other types of rubber pads, and carpet on my workbenches. This is the best material I have found.

Great Product - Made in the USA

I ordered the black/blue/grey 6mm mat...5 stars. I have a 300+ pound treadmill that was having electrical problems, due to the vibrations when running on it, and this mat has seem to help eliminate that problem. Also it has cut down the treadmill noise level it was making while running on it in over half. This product is made from recycled tires so yes its very strong and heavy duty. Also it does give off a small rubber smell but I keep my treadmill in the garage so it’s not an issue for me.

Great for Home Gym

We bought several of these to convert one of our spare rooms into a gym. We have an elliptical on top of the mat, a weight bench, weights, and then some blank area. This mat doesn't bleed on the carpet and is relatively thick so it's good for yoga, weights, Pilates, sit-ups, push-ups, etc.

Worth It!!

My knees and hips were starting to bother me after a workout. After researching mats I came across this one and have never looked back.

Great Mat - Great Price

We ordered the thickest mat to place between our hardwood floors and our treadmill. What a different experience it is running on the mat! It's significantly quieter and there is so much more impact absorption! Our treadmill is in the bedroom, and while the mat did smell a bit when I first opened it up, I just left the windows open for the day and by bedtime, it was fine. It has never bothered us. (And our bedroom is tiny.)

Now That’s A Mat!

I made the initial mistake of purchasing a cheaper 'heavy duty' treadmill mat to go under my elliptical. That was a big mistake, light, flimsy, punctured within minutes. THIS TRANR formerly ProImpact Treadmill mat however is a BEAST! Which is exactly what you want. The elliptical stays put, it less vibrations, and covers just enough of my medium pile carpet to insure I won't have issues.
Me + Sole E55 elliptical = ~500+ lbs and this mat can stand up to the task.
High quality, very dense, very durable. Highly recommend this mat.

Does The Job

We have this mat under our treadmill, which is in a carpeted second-floor room; it's been in use for about six months. It has done a good job of protecting the carpet. It did have a bit of an odor when we first opened it, but that dissipated relatively quickly.